New Stewards of the Ranch

On January 15, 2014, Hāna Ranch Stewards purchased the main mauka portion of Hāna Ranch (approximately 3,600 acres) as well as its associated cattle operations and water utilities from Hāna Ranch Partners (Hāna Ranch Partners has retained ownership of the coastal and town lands that are makai of the Hāna Highway—approximately 350 acres).

Bio-Logical Capital, LLC manages the ranch for Hāna Ranch Stewards.  We are proud to be the new stewards of Hāna Ranch and we are humbled to take our place in its rich history.  Our plan is to continue to manage Hāna Ranch as a working ranch. We will deploy healthy ranching and farming practices that build soil and restore nature.  We plan to use Hāna’s wet climate and fertile soil to help build local food production in a state that currently imports more than 85% of its food from halfway across the Pacific Ocean.  Importantly, Hāna Ranch will retain its legacy as a scenic and productive ranch.

Hāna has been so welcoming to our team, generously sharing the hospitality for which it is so famous. In this spirit, we are happy to return the favor by inviting you to share an afternoon with us filled with food, entertainment, and family at Hāna Ranch. Please stand by as we finalize the plans for the “ranch warming” to kick off this exciting journey.