Organic Farming Workshop

Join Hāna Ranch and Jean-Martin Fortier, the Market Gardener, for a full-day intensive farming workshop. For more than a decade Jean-Martin Fortier and his wife have been making a living growing vegetables on their 1.5 acres market garden, selling through their 140 member CSA and seasonal market stands, they gross more than $140,000 in sales with a profit margin of around 45%.

In this workshop Jean-Martin will provide an overview of all aspects of his market garden demonstrating how adopting intensive methods of production can lead to the optimization of a cropping system. Specifically he will discuss how to:

1) Set-up a micro-farm by designing biologically intensive cropping systems, all with digestible capital outlay.

2) Adopt a permanent bed system, farm without a tractor all while minimizing fossil fuel inputs through the use of the best hand tools, appropriate machinery and minimum tillage practices.

3) How to grow mixed vegetables systematically with attention to weed and pest management best approach practices.

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