Growing the Farm

We have quickly cultivated our initial four-acre farming site and are expanding into adjacent fields south of ranch headquarters and next to the Hāna Highway. Our 2014 expansion plan (see below) includes over ten acres of fruit and vegetable plantings interspersed by rows of trees and other perennial crops. The trees will provide windbreaks on this eastern-facing slope and are great investments for future food production and habitat. You will be able to see most of these fields from the road just past the entrance to our ranch and from the hotel walking path.

All of our farming is organic, using natural soil amendments and only organic fertilizers.  We are in the process of applying for organic certification and will add this label to our products when it is finalized (likely not for a several months).

Hāna Ranch’s expanded farm will produce a wide variety of fruits and vegetables that we hope to sell locally to stores, restaurants, and directly to community members through a community farm share program that we hope to launch later this summer.